WaterML2.0 resources and tools

This page contains WaterML2.0 resources that have been developed by CSIRO. They are provided as-is and no guarantees are made for stability.

For further information please contact Peter Taylor.

Service Description URL Status
WaterML2.0 part 1 validator A XML instance validator for WaterML2.0 timeseries, using XSD and Schematron. http://waterml2.csiro.au/part1-validator/ Stable
WaterML2.0 part 2 RESTful service A RESTful JSON WaterML2.0 service API documentation Stable
WaterML2.0 part 2 validation service A validation service for RESTful JSON WaterML2.0 services http://waterml2.csiro.au/validator Stable
WaterML2.0 part 2 visualisation client A prototype visualisation service for ratings and gaugings data. Web visualisation - ratings and gaugings Stable - relies on 3rd party organisation services that may not be stable
Observations and Measurements (OM) JSON Schema Lint An adapted version of JSON Schema Lint that loads OM Schema and examples OM JSON Schema Lint Stable, although schemas and examples are still in development